Chemical Peels Training

Training Class: $315
Chemical Peels are a safe and effective procedure used to exfoliate the epidermis. This treatment can address and correct a number of skin concerns.  This class will teach you how to use AHA and BHA based peels to better serve your clients and give them real results in real time.  This class will also teach you the business side of chemical peeling and how its great way to grow your clientele, in addition to how to market this treatment. 

Upon completion of the class and test, this class will include an SBK ESTHETICS DISTRIBUTOR/ SBK SKIN Certification of Completion. After you have taken the class you receive information on how to receive your certificate. Please note: This class does include peel(s) kit with protocol(s) that is shipped to you upon completion of the online registration that can be used during training and after. 

Once registration is completed you will be given your passcode and a link  to access the classroom. 
Be sure to save the link and passcode in order to access the class on the day you have chosen.

Check your spam folder if you do not receive an email confirming your registration. 

You will also receive a reminder email a short time before your class starts and after you have taken the class a follow up email with a video replay link so that you can re-watch it for any information you might have missed. This after class email will also contain instructions on how to receive your SBK ESTHETICS DISTRIBUTOR/SBK SKIN Dermaplaning Certificate of Completion.

Please note: Treatments that a licensed esthetician may perform in a spa on med-spa environment vary by state and country. Please consult with your ruling state board for compliance before performing any new treatment.


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Cancellation Policy

Please read the cancellation and refund policy carefully. When you purchase an online training course on our website you agree to our terms and conditions mentioned below.

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If you do not cancel your registration and do not attend the Online Course/Webinar, no refund will be issued. However we will do our best to accommodate you for the same class on a different date (should that be available) with a written request. If you have taken the Online Course/Webinar no refund will be issued. Customer satisfaction is important to us, so please contact customer support in the case of any issue: