Wax Training

Thank you so much for your interest in Esthetic Treatments and Wax Training.
Here are some key information details that you need to know before class.
 This is a class for licensed Cosmetology and Esthetic professionals ONLY!
Before payment is made, you must provide a photocopy of your non-expired license to be kept on file.
We offer two (2) Wax Classes
1) Advanced Wax Technique 
        This class is ideal for students finishing their cosmetology/esthetic courses with an active student
        permit. You will learn advanced waxing techniques to prepare you for the spa. 
2.) Trade Secrets Wax Class
        This class is ideal for professionals that are looking for more time and cost effective ways of running
         your wax business. 
Wax Education, Product knowledge, and a demonstration is included. This is a four hour class and the cost of this class is non-refundable to be paid in full at the time of online registration. This class is limited to 10 participants.